The risks of fue autotransplantation : alopecia (androgenetic baldness)



Androgenetic baldness, the most common pattern baldness in men, is triggered by several factors dictated mainly by genetics. The problem occurs especially when the hair is more sensitive to the presence of male hormones, that is, in the upper part of the head. This is a very common problem among men, but moving from statistics to direct treatment of the problem makes a big difference.

Yes, because hair loss for some men mainly means two things: being older and less beautiful. That is the crux of the matter. A man who feels old and is no longer at his best is a man who risks maturing insecurity, inevitably becoming a sometimes problematic companion. Not only that: the man unlike the woman is less inclined to reveal what afflicts him. That is one of its weaknesses. However, silence makes the spiral of discomfort more dangerous, worsening the relationship with yourself and therefore with your partner. The effects of stress in the couple, even young, are likely to trigger a vicious circle of suffering that can therefore be difficult to break.

Concrete help: evaluate the autograft

Why this hair transplant? Simple, because in reality all the drugs when they help are only temporary; In the long run, they are therefore very expensive and can sometimes create problems. However, with the suspension of drug treatments, the results obtained during the years of therapy are at most a slowdown of hair loss. Benefits are lost in a matter of months. These are the only two drugs recognized by the International Pharmacopoeia as a medical treatment for androgenetic alopecia: minoxidil and finasteride. Always keep in mind that such therapies should always be prescribed by dermatology specialists. Now, as a result, if you want to review your hair on bald areas, the only good thing is hair transplantation. Yes, it’s the right thing, but it also has to be done at the right time, in the right anatomical situation, with the right technique and in expert hands.

A problem we can deal with today (together)

If baldness becomes a problem for the couple, the good news is that today you can do it… even together! Increasingly, it is the girls/wives who bring their partner to the surgeon for the first visit.

They are a little braver and because where they listen to 4 ears, they do not listen to 2! It is worth the example of many famous Hollywood personalities, who solved the problem of baldness with a transplant. The visit to the surgeon is always essential, never trust those who make the diagnosis via Whatsapp!

The risks of performing obsolete autografts

From a medical and ethical point of view, those who travel abroad for a FUE hair transplant are at risk. And who takes care of it in Italy? In this case, in 99% of cases, he chooses an ancient technique abandoned by many surgeons. The results are poor in the medium and long term.

Hair transplant

Follicular units that are not sensitive to falling, i.e. those placed behind and on the sides of the head are removed. They are transplanted into thinned or bald areas.

The reasons for successful transplantation are simple:

No rejection

The hair is right: it will grow, it can be cut by the hairdresser and will whiten with age.

Those transplanted will not fall.

If you use quality techniques and methods, for example, HST technique, the result is amazing.

The procedure is painless and carries no particular risk.

Where to do a hair transplant?

Looking on the Internet, it is clear that Turkey comes first. The truth is that there are many risks. This is confirmed by ISHRS, a global body that brings together hair transplant experts.

  1. The lack of information for patients about the real possibilities of intervention.
  2. Centers that have transplants performed by unqualified staff, often not doctors or even nurses.
  3. Operate outside the European Union and cannot be prosecuted in the event of a problem.
  4. Perform operations with a large number of transplanted “follicular units”, often impossible. Really regrown hair is not as numerous (hair that grows back counts and not transplanted hair!)
  5. Put the lives of their patients at risk by performing transplants in the absence of good conditions.
  6. Uses obsolete methods to save on training,
  7. Some clinics offer worthless warranties.

The best advice you can give is that it is better to perform a hair transplant in a well-equipped facility where qualified staff and real doctors operate. If you do not have the means for these interventions, it is better to do nothing.

The “FUE” technique

The FUE technique itself is not dangerous but in most cases it is obsolete and the result does not last in time. It is technically possible to perform the transplant for people without medical or surgical skills.

Natural and density: this is what our patients demand. To achieve these results, the most modern and effective technique is called HST hair stem cell transplant.

The Black Market Campaign

ISHRS was born, which brings together the best baldness surgeons. ISHRS has undertaken a global information campaign. He announced the “black market” for transplantation, with clinics in Turkey and other developing countries. In these centres, there are even war refugees and taxi drivers desperate to survive.

The FUE technique

Transplantation techniques have become more refined and expensive to practice, using better-equipped and qualified medical staff. These transplants, also performed by VIPs, have increased the demand for surgery.

Good doctors are rare. This means that an old and simple technique, dubbed by a new name, FUE, has been proposed to the masses. FUE can also be performed by non-specialist, non-medical and not even nursing staff. The consequences are often disastrous for the patient in danger.

Post-operative problems…

Beautiful photos of the FUE results are published online. These photos are often manipulated or recycled from one clinic to another. It’s easy to make people believe that things aren’t true. Problems appear after 1-2 years: hair falls out more than before, even in the donor area, and often even those who are transplanted fall out. Donor areas are devastated by major scars that prevent further treatment.

This should be a cause for concern, as health should never take risks. Those who have been ruined in one of these hair transplant “factories” in Turkey or other countries have a responsibility to make them known. To help people not make the same mistakes.

The transplant placed in its true light

If patients start talking, they probably expect a drop in FUE. The results obtained in these “assembly lines” are “the worst in the history of hair transplantation, comparable to the so-called doll tufts”. Hair transplants are a surgical operation, not an organized trip.


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