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Hair stem cell transplant (HST) is the technique with the best final result.
It’s performed only in Hair Science clinics.

Dr. Coen Gho

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Dr. Coen Gho’s years of research are the strengths of this approach: his dedication to improving the lives of his patients and his innate passion for science have laid the foundation for the development of hair stem cell transplantation technology.
Doctor Gho has spent his life for the benefit of regenerative medicine specialized in hair stemcells transplantation. For three decades, he has been researching hair stem cells in universities and university clinics around the world. He is the inventor and patent holder of partial longitudinal follicular unit transplantation, also known as hair stem cell transplantation (HST).

Hair Stem Cell method

Hair stem cell transplantation harnesses the power of nature by harnessing the regenerative power of human stem cells. This innovative technology features that only a fraction of the hair follicles are taken from the donor area instead of the entire follicle. The tiny little graft contains enough stem cells to grow new folicular unit in the recipient area.

Here’s a little miracle: This regenerative ability causes a single graft (hair follicle) to produce more hair. The new grafts (hair follicles) are tightly packed, resulting in high-density hair and natural aesthetic lines. A special patented storage solution stimulates the growth of the graft and increases its viability for greater potency.

This comprehensive approach is the basis of our advanced hair transplantation approach, which increases hair growth in both recipient and donor areas.

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