Reconstructing the eyebrows

Eyebrows, a fundamental element

The eyebrows define the face, characterise it and give depth to the expression. With our HST method, we can help you solve the problem of thinning.

Hair Stem Cell Transplantation

Eyebrow Transplantation

Until recently, there was no way to recreate a natural looking eyebrow.
But now it is possible with the exclusive HST method – specially designed to restore scars – which provides amazing results.

Eyebrows are giving expression to a face. When eyebrows are thin or completely missing, the HST method can help restore or restructure them.
When restoring your eyebrows, it is important to implant the hairs in the right shape and direction. The HST method uses precision tools and requires very little recovery time, which means that the eyebrows heal very quickly.
To further fill in the brows, clients can opt for follow-up treatment or eyebrow pigmentation, which gives the brows a fuller, more natural look.



The results

Before the treatment

Immediately after the treatment

9 months after treatment


Discover your tailor-made solution

Advice can be very useful for you and for us. You will learn about the technique, receive advice and have the opportunity to ask questions.
You can discuss your options, wishes and expectations with the doctor in detail.
An individual treatment plan will then be drawn up for your specific situation.


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