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Hair Stem Cell Transplantation

Reconstructive transplantation

The result of a hair transplant is not always satisfactory for the client. This may be due to the fact that the scars from the donor area are also visible in the recipient area or because the hair root appears to be unnatural.

Hair Science Institute specialises in correcting defects from previous unsatisfactory or failed hair transplants performed by other clinics. This is also known as hair reconstruction surgery. With one of our doctors, you can explore the option of reconstruction to achieve the desired result. One of the main drawbacks of conventional hair transplant techniques – the FUT and FUE method – is the formation of scars that are visible in the donor area. The severity and extent of the damage can have an impact on recovery. However, the application area and the scars can be successfully treated by the HST method.

Hair transplantation

Grafting techniques

The FUT method

This hair transplant technique has been in use for over 30 years. In this method, a strip of scalp is removed from the donor area. The edges of the sample are then sewn together, creating a large visible scar. Fewer and fewer FUT hair transplants are performed today for this very reason. This method of hair transplantation is often considered obsolete.


The FUE method

Since the FUT method leaves a large scar, a new technique has been developed: the FUE method. The grafts are removed from the donor area with a hollow needle one at a time. There is no formation of long scars, but a number of small scars corresponding to the removal points of the entire follicular units. The donor area is depopulated and fibrosis may occur.


Hair Stemcell Transplatation

With hair stem cell transplantation – the HST method – portions of follicular units are removed from the donor area with a very small needle. These small grafts are then transplanted into the hairless recipient area. As the follicular units are not completely removed, a number of stem cells remain in the donor area so that the hair grows back. Thicker hair can be obtained without any type of scarring.



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