The HST method is proven effective and unique

Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST) is the revolutionary hair transplantation technique that offers the best results

Hair Stem Cell Transplantation

The HST method

The HST method is a hair transplantation technique with proven effectiveness. The results of a hair stem cell transplant performed with this method are simply unprecedented and no traditional transplant technique can compare with the final result. It is precisely the patented HST method that sets Hair Science Clinics apart from all other hair clinics.

Hair Stem Cell Transplantation

Origin of the HST method

The HST method is a patented and sophisticated method of hair transplantation. Dr. Coen Gho has been conducting fundamental research into hair stem cell transplantation since 1996. His research led to the creation of the HST method, which was developed by the Hair Science Institute and is performed in the Hair Stem Cell clinics.

The Partial Longitudinal Follicular Unit Transplantation (PL-FUT) method was developed by the physician and scientist Dr. Coen Gho. But as this is a rather long name to remember for many, the technique is also known as HST (Hair Stem Cell Transplantation). Gho’s research has shown that only part of the follicular unit is needed instead of all of it to grow one or more hairs. This is because the stem cells are found in the graft tissue used for the transplant, as well as in the tissue left in the donor area. This results in new hair growth in both the donor and recipient areas. HST is an intelligent method that uses natural stem cells in combination with a specially developed “stimulating” medium. This ensures the vitality of the grafts and stimulates the growth of the stem cells. This technology is currently only available in Hair Science Clinics.


How the HST method works

The Hair Stem Cell Transplant (HST) method involves removing a portion of the follicular unit containing a number of stem cells from the donor area.

During the treatment, portions of the follicular units are extracted with a very thin needle. Our innovative hair transplantation technique leaves stem cells in the donor area while they are also extracted to be transplanted in the recipient area. The new follicular units are thus able to grow new hair.
Because the hair follicle is divided with a fine needle and then extracted (from the scalp), the advantage of this method is that the grafts are much smaller than conventional hair transplant techniques.
This results in a greater density of hair with a much more natural appearance and a fine, perfect hairline. As only a part of the hair follicle and the stem cells it contains are removed, the stem cells that remain in the donor and recipient area stimulate the growth of new hair within a few weeks. The new hair grows with the same quality and structure in both areas.
The final result can be appreciated after a complete hair growth cycle, which is nine months.


The results of the HST method

Donor area before follicle extraction

Grafts taken from the donor area

Detail of the recipient area 9 months after treatment


Hair Stem Cell Transplantation

Doctor and researcher Coen Gho has been conducting fundamental research into hair transplantation since 1996. His studies have revealed that different parts of the follicular unit contain stem cells that can stimulate hair growth.
The HST method is a method of hair stem cell transplantation that makes precise use of the potential of stem cells. This technique was developed by the Hair Science Institute and is used worldwide in our clinics in Lausanne, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Milan, Cap d’Antibes, Paris, London, Jakarta and Dubai.
Hair stem cell transplantation can only be performed in one of the certified Hair Stem Cell clinics, with technicians and doctors trained by the Hair Science Academy.



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