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Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST) provides a concrete and effective solution to the problem of hair loss.

Hair Stem Cell Transplantation

Hair transplantation for women

Women can suffer from hair loss and baldness for a number of reasons. Unlike men, baldness in women is often not limited to a localized area, but affects the entire surface of the head. This leads to a reduction in hair thickness. For this reason, in female patients we often perform hair transplantation on the entire surface of the head.

To determine if the entire area is suitable for hair transplantation, the stage of baldness and the condition of the donor area must be assessed. It has to be understood whether the baldness is hereditary or caused by other reasons. Getting the right diagnosis is important when deciding on the treatment for the results you want to achieve. Ask our doctor for advice to get all the information you need to decide and evaluate the best solution for your case.


Baldness in women


Hair loss is often the first sign of baldness in women. These before and after pictures show that thinning hair can be thickened with a hair transplant. In many cases, female pattern baldness can be resolved effectively and with truly remarkable aesthetic results.


Before treatment

9 months after treatment with 710 grafts


Very few women are willing to shave their heads to allow us to see the donor and recipient areas clearly. This is why the treatment often involves a greater effort to perform a transplant in women. To be able to extract (remove) the grafts, a small strip of hair is shaved off. This area can be easily covered with other hair once the procedure is complete.


Before treatment

9 months after treatment


Since most patients suffer from general hair thinning, it is important that the grafts are evenly distributed over the head. The number of grafts needed and the position in which they should be placed can only be determined by an experienced doctor. At the Hair Stem Cell clinics, we can help many women thanks to our many years of experience.


Before treatment

9 months after treatment with 710 grafts


Scar treatment


A characteristic of scar tissue is that it often prevents hair growth. But with the HST method, it is possible to grow hair on scars, even if only a small number of follicular units are available in the donor area.


Before treatment

After treatment (in 2 phases: 1006 grafts and 1015 grafts)


Discover your tailor-made solution

Advice can be very useful for you and for us. You will learn about the technique, receive advice and have the opportunity to ask questions. Together with your doctor, you can discuss your options, wishes and expectations in detail. A personal treatment plan will then be developed for your specific situation.


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