Consequences of a low-cost fue in medical tourism countries


Many men are subject to androgenetic hair loss. Genes play a role in triggering this. The concentration is concentrated in the areas of the head where male hormones are active, specifically in the upper areas of the head. A less attractive image and several negative phenomena, such as aging and hair loss, are caused by men’s hair loss.

Alopecia is a source of psychological distress

Feeling older is a sign that a man may develop a sense of insecurity, which can have consequences for a couple. It increases the discomfort and deepens the relationship that they have with themselves. This causes a great deal of stress. The best cure for balding remains hair restoration . Different ways of accomplishing this are commonly used today.

Simple techniques can be used for autotransplantation

The techniques are well-known. Regrettably, they are limited by the capital of follicular units in the occipital zone. These techniques are solely responsible for collecting and transporting follicular units that are necessary to the recipient areas.

Hair stem cell transplantation to restore capillaries

Today, it is possible to perform capillary restoration using the best technique available , which is the one that multiplies the hair. It carries out in vivo cloning on the patient by multiplying the hair collected in the area of the donor. By regenerating itself, it maintains a steady supply of follicular donor units. The use of drugs like minoxidil and finasteride can slow down the fall, but they have very unpleasant side effects, taking into account the pharmacological treatments. Furthermore, they are a drug for the hair, which causes the fall to become more prominent and the backlash to be felt when you stop using them.

Low-cost medical tourism

Many individuals are drawn to hair transplantation procedures using FUE modalities in foreign countries due to their low costs, but there are important limitations that are both hygienic and technical. Unfortunately, the FUE technique has strong limitations. It involves taking whole follicular units from the occipital area, that is, those that are not sensitive to dihydrotestosterone (which do not fall off) and transplanting them into thinning or balding areas. The hair will grow and be cut by the barber, just like everyone else, and it doesn’t involve rejection. The donor area’s ability to provide the patient with what they need is severely limited by this technique.
Patients should be informed about the risks of an FUE transplant. In addition, if it is performed in low-cost countries, the patient will not have information about the possibilities of the procedure. The patient is not informed about their options during the pre-visit. Unwary patients often go to centres that are not qualified and do not have medical or nursing staff. The fact that they operate outside the European Union makes it challenging to prosecute them in the event of problems.

Poorly performed FUE transplants can have serious consequences

The most significant thing is that transplants of unimaginable dimensions are proposed and executed, which jeopardizes the possibility of implementing more transplants. The areas are permanently damaged. Patients may come to risk their lives at times. In order to make the transplant visible, it is often used with extremely large punches, which also result in frontal lines that are completely unsuitable for Western physiognomies. The greatest risk of FUE is that it is a simple technique. This technique is accessible to individuals who don’t possess the medical skills of a doctor and practice it with minimal skills. This technique has become outdated and you are at risk of being operated on by incompetent hands.

Patients who are subject to hair transplantation are defended by the ISHRS Association

Today, in response to this phenomenon, a global association of hair restoration surgeons, ISHRS, has taken the initiative to carry out a global information campaign. It’s important to be careful when looking at the photos posted on the internet. Retouching these photos often leads patients to carry out interventions that they will regret later. About two years after surgery, the consequences of an FUE become apparent. The donor area can be disfigured because the follicular units have been taken too close to each other, causing hair to fall out. In some cases, fibrosis and necrosis can be caused by implanting too many follicular units. It’s recommended to choose clinics that are specialized and of high quality.

Don’t be enticed by low costs

We are aware that the financial aspect is problematic. Doing nothing is better than being harmed by low-cost interventions that have a negative impact on both the patient and the outcome. He suffers even more than if he hadn’t had the transplant because of the damage. Instead, the HST stem cell transplant technology is the best one on the market today. The reason for the limited number of samples is to prevent damage to the donor area, which allows for the donor area to regenerate.


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