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Hair loss is an increasingly common problem. Hair loss is a natural phenomenon. It is often linked to many external factors. However, it can be irreversible or even permanent. Doing a hair transplant is, however, possible thanks to the hair cloning method. What is it? We will take stock of this topic.

HST hair transplant: a natural method against baldness

People who suffer from baldness have had to give up their hope of one day regaining their beautiful hair. But those days are long gone with the new discovery. A specialist doctor has discovered a method to get around baldness. The principle of this method is to perform stem cell hair transplantation. Highly innovative, it is risk-free and does not leave scars either. The donor area will also be able to benefit from a new transplant or it will be able to be a donor again.

Stem cell hair transplantation is a technique of removing part of the hair follicle. It contains hair stem cells from the individual being treated. The graft will then be reimplanted in the areas affected by hair loss or a hair infection. Regarding the sampling, only an expert doctor should be able to do it. It usually uses a very fine needle like the hair follicle. Since only a part of the hair follicle is removed, the donor area will be spared. As a result, hair growth will continue in a normal way.

A Risk-Free Hair Cloning Method

This method is safe for hair growth and scalp health. It has multiple advantages:

No scars or marks that indicate surgery on the hair

No visibility of the hair transplant even with a complete shave of the head

Absence of whiteheads as is the case with traditional grafting techniques

Conservation of the donor area

It is possible to remake new grafts on the donor area thanks to this revolutionary hair cloning technique if the alopecia continues.

Using this method allows you to quickly regain your hair and a normal rhythm of life. It makes it possible to clone the hair without going through drastic processes that affect the donor area.

In addition to this, the HST method also treats other hair problems. It is used in hair thinning, hair loss in the eyebrows, hair loss after a burn or for a receding hairline. It also treats baldness in bald patches or the crown.


Precautions to be taken after the operation

The patient is usually discharged from the clinic the same day and without a dressing. This is one of the major advantages of the stem cell hair transplant technique. Since it does not cause any scarring, the patient can leave the clinic quickly.
However, to take some precautions, the doctor will prescribe a fucidin cream on the donor area and on the receptive area. He will also recommend certain gestures to follow on a daily basis.

For example, it should not touch the affected areas and should not sleep on the parts affected by the hair implant for the first few nights. Finally, he must also be prepared for a risk of itching after the 3rd day, until scabs form.


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