How to get your hair back with the HST method?



Not everyone is lucky enough to have beautiful hair or even to have one. Going bald most often affects a person’s quality of life. Whether you are a man or a woman, it is possible to be a victim of baldness or alopecia. To regain your hair, discover the HST method.

What is the HST method?

The HST method is a hair transplantation technique. Unlike a traditional hair transplant, it allows you to regain beautiful natural hair. It involves cloning the patient’s hair to promote natural hair growth. Hair Stem Cell Transplantation is a best hair transplantation technique from Hasci Swiss.

This solution is permanent and has been scientifically proven by many experts. In case of hair loss, the HST method clones the hair with a natural, scar-free and painless effect. Hair transplantation is applied to thin hair, to lose hair on the eyebrows or to lose hair after a serious burn. It is also an effective way to get around baldness.

How HST Hair Transplant Works

The HST method is patented and sophisticated. It is a miraculous procedure that involves getting a hair transplant that is quick, bandage-free, and painless. Fewer grafts are harvested. This will guarantee a much denser hair implant and a natural and long-lasting result. Dr. Coen Gho once invented this unique method of cloning grafts to multiply hair.

The goal of this procedure is to remove part of the hair follicle from the donor area. A piece of tissue removed contains stem cells to promote the growth of new hair in the receptive area.

Hair cloning does not leave a scar or bald spots on the back of the head. This method also represents a patented preservation solution that stimulates the growth and increases the viability of the grafts. The new plugins are then placed quite close to each other. They will then create a high hair density as well as a beautiful natural-looking hairline.

The main advantages of a hair cloning

It has the ability to cover a fairly large area, even in cases of alopecia or advanced baldness. The results of an HST transplant are usually permanent.

It is not painful or invasive. There is also no need for fall arrest or medication that must be taken for life. This method has no impact on the patient’s health or hair growth.

This is a controlled and very short procedure. It also has no residual scar. The result is therefore 100% natural. The result is therefore definitive and can reach its maximum effect after 12 months. The regrowth of hair transplanted with HST resumes naturally, and this for the rest of a lifetime.


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