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Hair transplantation is now the subject of banal discussions. Everyone think he know. The first thing they tell you is that Turkey is the place to do it . Hair transplantation is one of the most common surgical activities. Just look on social networks and immediately you will meet groups of people with this common interest. On Youtube, several bloggers talk about it and their experiences. But, contradictorily, the more we talk about it, the less we know, because everyone talks about the same things and the important new developments struggle to make their way through the mass of always similar and flattened words and discussions.

The real problem with the net is that the system has long favoured stratified information. What is the best transplant in the world? the information hardly reaches those who seek it. Unfortunately, misinformation, or rather popular information, means that the public is very often looking for a low price for equal benefits. In doing so, they are depriving themselves of what is most important, that is, the incomparable result of treatments that are different from others. Some have very broad baldness and hope to solve the problem in one procedure.

Those who search, find the same information that is to choose between FUT (strip) or FUE, declined into many commercial names that are small variants of the same methodology. Unfortunately, the public think he know, but none of these techniques will bring them more hair. All will only redistribute the hair possessed on a larger surface. Nothing more. And the public doesn’t know that you can multiply your own hair.

Searching the web. Often a disappointment

On the other hand, the novelties are difficult to find: by the very principle of information on the web that favours those who are present for longer and not those more recent who offer new information. If the research focuses on the best hair transplant in the world, if the number of hairs to redistribute is insufficient, if the expectations are important to regain a pleasant aspect to become confident again looking himself in the mirror, it’s hard to come across anything other than what everybody already know. Today, in Italy and Switzerland, Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST), which is the hair stem cell transplant, is available. This technique of hair transplantation guarantees the multiplication of hair with an extremely natural end result. Scientifically proven data are published in the most important scientific journals and it can meet all kinds of expectations. After the most important European capitals, London, Amsterdam, Paris, after thousands of interventions, now a new Hair Stem Cell clinic open in Lausanne.

Famous Dutch researcher Coen GHO

Dr Coen Gho is a world-renowned Dutch researcher, author of scientific publications in the most prestigious journals. Gho is the creator of the HST technique. After years of research, he published scientific papers based on laboratory experiments. Gho has spent years researching stem cells and tissue engineering. In collaboration with various universities and academics from around the world, he studied the functioning of hair stem cells. He holds the patent Partial Longitudinal Follicular Unit Transplantation, better known as Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST).

Hair Stem Cells

Transplantation according to the Hair Stem Cell patent is based on the regenerative energy of nature and the regenerative capacity of human stem cells. Only a small portion of the follicles are collected from the hair bulbs of the donor area, instead of the entire follicle, as is the case with FUE. In this partial sampling, there are enough stem cells to generate new hair growth in the receiving area.
Nature help us to perform miracles: from a transplant, by exploiting the regenerative capacities of hair stem cells, grow a multiplied number of hair. The new transplanted grafts are microscopic in size and closely related. This creates a very high density and the resulting appearance is quite natural.
The growth capacity of the grafts is due to a patented preservation solution that gives strength and vitality to the grafts. The bulb that has transplanted will grow back the same hair that was removed. The hair is thus multiplied.

What are the results obtained with the HST hair transplant

The method is scientifically proven effective. It does not create scars, the hair density obtained is extremely high and the final result is quite natural.
In hair cell clinics, medical standards are incomparablely the highest: surgery is done in the operating room, the patient is treated in the safest and most sterile conditions. Bandages are not necessary because there is no bleeding. Absence of intervention side effects. You can, after a few months, if necessary, consider another procedure when the donor area has completely grown back.

HST Method

The results obtained with the hair stem cell transplant, HST, are without comparison possible and no other traditional transplantation technique gets the same result. A hair science clinic cannot be compared to another hair clinic.
The HST method is scientifically called “partial longitudinal follicular unit grafting (PL-FUT)” but is known as Hair Stem Cell Transplantation.

HST revolutionizes hair transplantation

Part of the hair follicle is removed with hair stem cell transplantation (HST), while another group of stem cells remain in the donor area.
A needle 33% smaller than the smallest needle used in FUE is used for extraction. Transplants are therefore much finer than those used in conventional hair transplantation techniques. It thus gets a high density of hair and the appearance is very natural with a perfect frontal line. The remaining stem cells in the non-extracted portion of the bulb are responsible for the growth of new hair in a few weeks. The hair that grows back are of the same quality and the same structure as those taken. The final result is obtained after a nine-month growth cycle.

In the case of humans

Hair loss is often the cause of psychological problems, and this often affect young people. There is always a chance to solve the problem of hair loss either when the hair is thin, if you are bald, or if you have a vertex loss or if there are reduced areas in the beard.
The first thing to do is to make an assessment of the stage of baldness and in what state the donor area is. If it’s hereditary baldness or due to different other causes. The right diagnosis is essential.

HST Stem Cell Cloning


The result of an HST treatment is permanent. Transplants from hair follicle parts produce hair for the rest of life. The result cannot be seen immediately, it takes some time to produce the desired effect. Hair follicles need some time to consolidate, and this varies from person to person. After 3-4 months of treatment Grafted hair follicles begin to produce new hair. The final result is between nine and twelve months.


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