Let’s try to “tame” even unruly curls

Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST) can also be successful in the treatment of Afro-textured hair, but a test is needed to assess the effectiveness in the individual case.

Hair Stem Cell Transplantation

Afro hair transplantation

Hair transplantation for afro-textured hair is more complicated than other hair types. This is because hair with an afro texture also curls under the skin. The effectiveness of the HST method on afro-textured hair varies from person to person.

Afro-textured and curly hair involves a more difficult and intense treatment, as the hair wrinkles on and under the skin. As a result, even the grafts are curly, which makes it difficult to find the right part of the hair follicle to remove from the donor area. This makes it difficult to determine if the correct part has been extracted so that the graft can grow into the recipient area. If both your parents have an afro texture, it is unlikely that a hair transplant can be performed. Of course, there are many cases where it is possible. Seek advice on what options are available to you.
To avoid an unnecessary visit to one of our clinics, you can take clear photos of different parts of your head and send them by e-mail. One of our doctors can then assess your situation. These photos can usually help us to determine whether a hair stem cell transplant is a suitable solution for you. We can also carry out a small trial treatment so that we can obtain more information and data on the effectiveness of the procedure.



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Advice can be very useful for you and for us. You will learn about the technique, receive personal advice and have the opportunity to ask questions. You can discuss your options, wishes and expectations in detail with your doctor. An individual treatment plan will then be developed for your specific situation.


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